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01. What is Little Sharers about?

Little Sharers gives you a platform to share. To “Lend” your child’s possessions that now lie unused in a corner to someone who values it, and “Borrow” someone’s priced possession to bring a smile to your child’s face… All this at a price decided by you or simply even priceless!

02. What is the advantage of sharing with Little Sharers?

Little Sharers is a one-stop app which not only lets you ‘lend’ your share requests to a number of recipients in one go, but also gives you the opportunity to broadcast a ‘borrow’ request when you are looking for something specific for your child.

03.What products can we share on Little Sharers?

You can share any products that fall in the categories listed, particularly those pertaining to a parent or child from 0-15 years of age.

04. How can I update my currently active address?

You can update your address by navigating to ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Account’ -> ‘My Addresses’. You can add up to 3 addresses and label each with a custom tag for identification (‘Home’, ‘Office’, ‘Other’). However, at one point of time, you can have just one address active – the one marked as ‘Default’. You can choose to filter the requests to display those within 30kms of vicinity of the selected address using the ‘Filter Criteria’ on the dashboard

05.When should I raise a lend request?

You have a few beloved things of your little one lying around your house, which your tiny tot has outgrown, but, yet you do not feel like trashing them. Lend these lovingly used things to another child so that the memory stays alive!
You can create a new lend request using the (+) option in the bottom menu option on the dashboard (home page). Once your lend is created and active, click on the ‘Find Similar’ option to display the matching borrows and reach out to the ‘borrower’ to find a new home for your beloved’s belonging(s).

06. When should I raise a borrow request?

Doesn’t your child grow out of his/her clothes, sudden toy obsession and favourites too soon? The sustainable and pocket-friendly solution is to ‘borrow’ the stuff for your child and rehome another child once-upon-a-time favourite!
You can browse against the lends created or create a new borrow request using the (+) option in the bottom menu option on the dashboard (home page). Once your borrow is created and active, click on the ‘Find Similar’ option to display any existing active ‘lend’ request and reach out to the ‘lender’ to rehome the stuff.

07.What is the difference between a private and a public lend request?

There are two occasions which can lead to creation of a ‘Lend’ request, which will determine whether the request will be private or public. You always make a ‘lend’ request as ‘Public’ so that it is visible to all users (based on the filter criteria set in your ‘Settings’).
(i) New ‘Lend’ Request: Created using (+) option in the menu option in the dashboard/home page. This request will always be ‘public’.
(ii) ‘Lend’ against a ‘Borrow’ Request: Created in response to a ‘Borrow’ request and will be ‘private’ by default, meaning it will be visible only to the user who owns the ‘Borrow’ request. You can make this request ‘Public’ at a later point of time, if say, the deal does not strike with the ‘borrower’.

08. I created a lend/borrow request by mistake. Can I delete it?

Yes! You do have an option to edit and/or delete your lend/borrow request. You can do from within the request itself. If the lend has been created against a borrow request, the borrower will no longer be able to see your request. Likewise, if you delete the borrow request, then the corresponding lend requests against your borrow will no longer be visible to you.

09. I am receiving spam messages from a particular sender. How can I block him/her?

Yes! Little Sharers encourages a positive environment to give all users a good experience. We ensure that the requests posted are filtered to check for any scams and spams before they are approved to be hosted on the platform.
However, we also have a provision of marking requests as ‘spam’ in case you as a user notice any malicious or spam content in a request. This request will no longer be visible to you on your dashboard.

10. I want to hide my mobile number. How can I do so?

We, at Little Sharers respect your privacy. Therefore, you as a user have an option to either display your mobile number to other members of the Little Sharers family during mobile registration – in which case they can call you directly for any lend/borrow OR you can choose to conceal your number from other members. You can make this switch by updating the settings under ‘My Profile’, edit option.

11. How can I set the filter preferences on the posts that should be visible to me?

Why waste time searching through thousands of requests, when set filter preferences can do the job for you! You can enter your filter preferences, based on ‘Gender’, ‘Category’, ‘Age’ and ‘Location’ using the ‘Filter’ icon beside the Lend/Borrow tabs on the dashboard. By default, you will see all the requests on your dashboard irrespective of any gender, for all categories and age groups, pan India.

12.Can someone else view my personal and child's details?

We safeguard your privacy and display your mobile number only if you want us to. Your name, network (followers and following) and active lend/borrow requests is all that is visible to the other members. However, your child details are concealed from all members and are visible only to you.

13. Can I deactivate my account temporarily?

We would not give you a reason to leave the Little Sharers family, but if you must, you can surely take a short break by deactivating your account from ‘My Account’ under ‘Settings’. Your details will be deactivated in our system and you will cease to receive any notifications from the little sharers platform for any requests.

14.Does Little Sharer provide pickup and drop for any item?

Little Sharer provides a platform to share your child’s belongings and you have the liberty to use the desired means to carry out the transaction. As of now, we do not have tie-ups with any courier services, but may decide to have a coalition going forward.

15. How can I update my personal details?

You can update your personal details from under ‘My Profile’, where you can update your first name, last name, mobile number’s visibility and Email ID.

16.Will I get notifications if someone shows interest in my lend or responds to my borrow?

Little Sharer gives you a platform to post your lend and borrow requests and be rest assured that we will notify you if any user shows interest in your request(s) OR if a post looking similar to your request is shared by another member.
When you post a lend/borrow request, Little Sharers gives you a view of the similar requests already shared by other users on our platform, so that you can reach out to the users and instantly dive into initiating a conversation to achieve your share.
However, if you do not find any posts fulfilling your request, then you will receive a notification from Little Sharer app if and when a user reaches out to you, in which case, you can then initiate a conversation.

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